Thursday, October 7, 2010

Homework Assignment

Business Card

   I tried to make this card as simple as possible but still look like something that I would like so the butterflies in the background. Plus, I thought it would be a good idea to have only a few colors so it wouldn't look so busy.

15 Artist that inspire me

    1.       navate  2.       Jonatt974  3.       Neovius  4.       Zutun  5.       Squel8  6.       BellaCza  7.       VCTORY  8.       lmmy-is-Thinking  9.       taopal  10.   em3l  11.   warbzz  12.   realityfaery  13.   claudio51  14.   nicc37  15.   chrisntheboat

    The reason why I picked these guys was because thier artwork is great for many different reasons. It makes me want to figure out how to do artworks like thiers. You can find all of these artist on if you want to look at thier artwork.

Artist Statement

   I really like how she had her artist statement written, it had alot of meaning behind it and was well written.  Her first paragraph was really interesting and had alot of depth in it. i kinda feel that it true too.


  1. happy to be quoted in your blog ^^


  2. Hi Lindsey;

    I am heartened that you appreciated my artist's statement. I don't recall anyone else commenting on it, so this means a lot to me. Best of luck to you in all you endeavor......Sue