Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The reason why I picked this picture and why it represents me is because when I was in high school one year my friends got this really weird idea to assign flowers/ plants/ rocks to people, some of my friends were picked as sunflowers, pansies, moss and even a boulder for some weird reason and I was picked as a water lily. I don’t really know why they picked that flower for me but it sounded nice so I kept it anyway. This picture has been altered to the way that it is because well, I felt like it and it looks cool this way. It looks different this way and I kind of like things different, it keeps things interesting and make things worth checking out like the House on the Rock in Wisconsin (which is really cool by the way) of the foods at the Minnesota State Fair. Life is more fun and more interesting when you don’t censor yourself from society. Normal is just boring, people want to be normal but then they aren’t happy with themselves. People can only be truly happy when they accept themselves for who they are and not for how society judges them.

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